Red Bull Theater’s Short NEW Play Festival 2021

During the pandemic, Red Bull Theater has been entertaining audiences worldwide with very accomplished Zoom readings of classic plays. Now they are offering an evening of NEW short plays…again via Zoom…and again free to the public but with a request to pay what you can. And again the live readings will occur on a Monday night and the event will be available to stream through the following Friday evening. This makes the entire presentation simply irresistible! And the details?

An Online Benefit Reading
MONDAY, JULY 12, 2021

This year’s theme is RESTORATION. The evening will be directed by Margot Bordelon and Timothy Douglas. Nathan Winkelstein is the Festival’s producer.

The 2021 Short New Play Festival: RESTORATION will premiere LIVE at 7:30 PM EDT on Monday, July 12. A recording will be available until 7:00 PM EDT on Friday, July 16 – then it disappears.

Enjoy seven world premieres in one night. This benefit event is the latest installment of our renowned annual new play festival. The evening will bring you works by some of the most exciting writers from across the country, penning classically inspired ten-minute plays. This year’s festival will include a new play by Obie Award winner José Rivera (Marisol) alongside six of today’s up-and-coming playwrights selected through an open submission process: Rosslyn Cornejo, Constance Congdon, George LaVigne, David Lefkowitz, Abigail C. Onwunali, and Charlotte Rahn-Lee.

This year’s theme? RESTORATION.

And the plays??

f This Be Not A Good Play Then The Devil Is In It.

by Connie Congdon

Deep in a night of 1599, on the banks of the Thames, players from one theater, called The Theater (disassembled to escape abusive rent payments), wait for barges to carry their lumber across the river, where they will build another theater, yet to be named.


by Rosslyn Cornejo

A twist on the Greek myth of Narcissus and Echo. What happens when you’re in love with someone who only loves themself?

The Wolf Tree

by George Lavigne

Just past the turn of the 17th century, Captain Pouch, a revolutionary leader of the Midland revolt in hiding, encounters a simple shepherdess beneath the Wolf Tree. 

Restoration Playhouse

by David Lefkowitz

The artistic director and stage manager of a tiny New York theater face obstacles, post-pandemic.


by Abigail C. Onwunali

A modern-day short play written after the character Sidi from Wole Soyinka’s The Lion and the Jewel, this play explores the complexities of what it means to chase after the “American Dream.”

The Misanthrope Breaks His Quarantine

by Charlotte Rahn-Lee

The year is 2023. COVID is over, and everyone has left social isolation and moved on with their lives . . . everyone, that is, except Alceste.


by José Rivera

On a cool summer night, five close teenage friends–two Latinos, two Blacks, and one white woman–get together in a rundown basketball court in Brooklyn to watch a total lunar eclipse.  

Tickets are available here…there are some suggested contributions but scroll down to the free button if so inclined. And there will be other chances to contribute to Red Bull Theater before you check out if you want to contribute your own amount!

I am really looking forward to this event and I hope to ‘see you there’!


RED BULL THEATER brings rarely seen classic plays to dynamic new life for contemporary audiences. Our work unites a respect for tradition with a modern sensibility.

RED BULL THEATER is named for the rowdy Jacobean playhouse that illegally performed plays in England during the years of Puritan rule, and was the first London theater to reopen after the Restoration. This bold spirit is central to our identity. With the Jacobean plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries as our cornerstone, Red Bull Theater is New York City’s destination for dynamic performances of great plays that stand the test of time. The company also produces new works that are in conversation with the classics.

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