Monday Music: Various Rolling Stones Tunes In Celebration Of Their Late Drummer: Charlie Watts

This wasn’t the Monday Music post that was originally scheduled for today. But given the recent death of Rolling Stones drummer, Charlie Watts, I thought this tribute more apropos. The Stones have been my favorite band since 1964. So this was a bit of a blow. But here are a few famous tunes by the Stones the illustrate Mr. Watts talent.

BTW: I used to joke that Between the Buttons was the Charlie Watt’s solo album given his prominence in the photos and the fact that the majority of the songs are driven by the drums rather than a Keith Richards guitar…or I just might be imagining things.

Ready For More American Players Theatre? Two Additional Offerings For Fall!

Beyond their original summer season: The American Players Theatre Announces Its Live Summer Season: The Road Back, there are two additional fall plays to enjoy.

At the outdoor Hill Theatre, you can see Oedipus by Sophocles performed from an adaptation by director David Daniel. Oedipus will run from September 17 – October 9.

For the first time in decades, we welcome to our Hill one of the great Greeks – an infamous murder mystery that has riveted audiences around the world and across time. But Oedipus is not a story that can be defined by its final act, shocking though that act might be. Poetic and profound, it is in many ways the story of us; about how the people we love carry us from bad times to good, and sometimes back again. And at its heart, an extraordinary hero – flawed like we all are flawed, yet brave enough to do what he must to protect his community. Even if it means his undoing. It’s a rare gift to see the Greeks outside under the stars, as they were meant to be seen. Rarer still to witness one that was conjured just for this place; built from decades of the energy that flows from this community. From you, our audience. We are because you are.

And at the indoor Touchstone Theatre, APT will be presenting their second Shakespeare play of the season, The Taming of the Shrew! Taming will run October 14 – November 14 and is directed and has been adapted to a five actor presentation by Shana Cooper.

Ah, the tale of Kate and Petruchio, and how each cracked the code to the other’s ferociously defended heart. It’s a Shakespearean rabble-rouser, held up as the ultimate battle of the sexes. But look closer, and you’ll discover a lively satire about how society tries to bend this couple into shapes they’re simply not built for. Cheer them on as they shatter everyone’s absurd expectations. After all, their dramatic (and often uproarious) journey toward love isn’t just entertaining. It’s revolutionary. A wild and theatrical adaptation featuring the famously combative couple, with three other incredible actors playing Bianca to Baptista, and every ridiculous role in between.

and as always, to see and read more about the American Players Theatre, CLICK HERE!

Renaissance Theaterworks Brink New Play Festival

I am going to try splice something viable from Renaissance Theaterworks email announcement and their website. But if I end up confusing you or you get lost in the maze or just want to see the whole thing at the RTW website, CLICK HERE!!

These staged-readings are focused on the playwrights’ work and audience members are encouraged to provide feedback during guided talk-back sessions. Playwrights have the opportunity to meet and mingle with a community passionate about creating and enjoying new works.

Voila!! and sorry for creating eye strain…tried to make the text bigger.