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Intuitive perspective was how an artist depicted depth in an artwork prior to the mathematical perspective developed during the Renaissance. It was based on the artist’s observation and intuition!

So here it’s a bit of a play on words. Since I am not a student of criticism, my posts will be based on intuition, observation, and experience rather than any critical discipline. That doesn’t mean I am a casual observer. I do have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art Education and as part of my study took course work in art history, theater history, and dance and music appreciation. And of course, years of attendance at arts and culture events ever since then.

But why did I launch An Intuitive Perspective? Well, I had been contributing to a political blog when I joined The Milwaukee Repertory Theater’s Social Media Club before the 2018/19 season. And part of the responsibility of the SMC is to post our reactions on social media to the plays that we attend. And you can’t do that on a political site. So, once I started getting into it I realized that I needed an arts and culture blog site. It took me a while to actually commit to it…then a number of false starts…some professional level procrastination…accidentally blowing up my first attempt…and three different names…before we got here! So I hope you enjoy it.

By the way…there are no timelines or deadlines here…my posts will depend on what events I can attend and what ideas come to mind.

And to get the joint underway, I seeded it with my Facebook remarks from my Milwaukee Rep experiences and one that I wrote after seeing the Jamie Nares retrospective at The Milwaukee Art Museum. The original publication dates are duly noted. I hope you enjoy them and the items that I post going forward.

When I was political blogging (July 2010 – December 2020) we had a Thursday Music feature where any of the contributors could post a music video for everyone to enjoy. Any music! I will continue that tradition here. After spending too much time thinking about this and getting down to three days…I just kinda defaulted to MONDAY!?! So please visit every Monday and start your week with a new tune!

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Thanks for visiting!

Ed Heinzelman

“I had to hear Beethoven before I could ask him to roll over!” Morry Dickstein: Gates of Eden

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