Jesus Rafael Soto: PENETRABLE sculpture and beyond:

I am not going to actually write about Jesus Rafael Soto because he is an artist that I just came across as a result of auditing a class in Latin American Art History. And this isn’t the type of art that generally appeals to me but the videos show the appeal of the actual work in situ and the audience and their interaction with his work. It is really quite compelling how it makes people happy and adventurous. So here are three videos, all a bit different. The first two discuss his Penetrable series which is what caught my attention. The third is an interview with Mr. Soto who is speaking in Spanish but it has English subtitles. It gives us insight into his work, his history and his legacy beyond the Penetrable. So I hope you enjoy:

Surprisingly Jesus Soto is well known in most of the world but a virtual stranger in the United States. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that describe or portray his art…and there are several longer documentaries as well…so enjoy getting lost in his work!

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