PSA: UWM’s New Dramaworks: Short Play Festival

I wish I could fit this into my schedule…sigh

Bold, funny, moving, provocative, original and fresh! View the world we’re living in today through the eyes of some of the newest emerging voices in the American Theatre. The premiere of what will be an ongoing feature of the Theatre Department season, this New Dramaworks series celebrates a collection of original, short dramatic work by UWM students and others that stimulates the imagination and prompts deep conversations.

Directed by UWM Theatre Students
Mentored by Ralph Janes
Curated by Alvaro Saar Rios

Festival Lineup

Written by: Lee Hunt
Majors: Conservation & Environmental Science; Theatre Practices

Written by: Joe Klockenkemper
Major: Theatre Education

The Elephant
Written by: Mara Grigg
Major: Theatre Practices

Game Day
Written by: Lia Smith
Majors: Dance; English

Star Stories
Written by: Cat Sadler
Major: Acting

The Greatest Detective
Commissioned play written by: Maria Pretzl ’14
Degrees: BFA, Film: Production; BA: Theatre Studies

The Uncomfortable Truth of Being Known
Written by: Matt Swihart
Major: English-Creative Writing

Until I Join the Earth
Written by: Eugene Strei
Major: Acting: Musical Theatre

April 17–20, 2024 (7:30–9:30 p.m.) April 21, 2024 (2–4 p.m.) at Kenilworth Square East, Kenilworth Five-0-Eight

More INFO and TICKETS!!!

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