Katie Musolff Paints An Egg!

This little video has been sitting in my inbox since April. It was originally meant to be viewed and offer a project for the original COVID-19 quarantine period of the time. But now that it’s October, it seems like a perfect fall project.

This is courtesy of Tory Folliard Gallery in Milwaukee. It is the first entry in their Artist Project Series.

Katie Musolff is one of the best water-colorists in Wisconsin and just a joy to watch and listen to. (full disclosure: Katie and her husband Andy Fletcher are personal friends). And this little video is just a stitch to watch and filled with helpful tips on getting into watercolor painting. I love it.

Here’s the link to the video (it runs just over 16 minutes): Artist Project Series: Katie Musolff

And by all means visit Katie’s other work at Tory Folliard’s website!!

And whatever you do, let it dry!